Ag Technology Repair

ChDp Ventures was founded to provide solutions for the Ag. industry with maintaining, repairing, and sourcing components for the monitors, computers, and control modules that power farm machinery.

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We empower producers and other companies to further the repair and maintenance of their AgTech systems with parts sales.

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We will come to you for machine setup, coaching, and integration support.

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A curated database of problems & solutions for common AgTech issues.

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From Pins and Plugs to GPS Systems, we have it all.

Welcome to ChDp Ventures

ChDp Ventures is a leading technology repair and servicing company that operates in Muenster, Saskatchewan, Canada. The company specializes in providing high-quality repair and maintenance services for electronic devices used in the agriculture and commercial industry. At ChDp Ventures, we understand the critical role that electronics play in the modern-day agriculture and commercial industry. These industries are heavily reliant on electronic devices and equipment to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. However, electronic devices are prone to wear and tear and can malfunction from time to time, leading to downtime and lost productivity. That's where ChDp Ventures comes in