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ChDp Ventures is a business founded on creativity, thinking on the fly, and managing fluid situations. We want to share our drive, capabilities, and determination with the world... And so ChDp was born.

"Ventures" is apt... We aren't afraid to try new things. Create. Make. Design. Experiment. It's how everything great ever created came to be, and it's how we approach every project - with tenacity and a fresh perspective to bring an idea to reality. We're always available for a chat, if nothing else, a fresh opinion or idea can help bring your creation closer to reality!

In addition to providing commercial "for hire" services we also spend a lot of time sharing information, tips, tutorials, and other information through this site. Check our our Knowledgebase for a wide variety of information on many topics... You'll be surprised!

IT Administration

From a single computer and printer setup in your home, to a full enterprise-class deployment, we have the skills, know-how, and equipment to get you running quickly. Windows, Linux, Mac - Mobile, Remote, or Office you name it, we can create a solution, maintain it, and service it at an economical price point.


Custom development of main boards, software, and hardware interfaces, along with electro-mechanical, and electro-hydraulic systems. Click to find out more about some of the projects we've been involved with, and how we can assist you with development, or consulting.


Working with our hands is the name of the game. Creating one-off designs and objects is what we do best. Have a look at some cool creations that you can purchase or have us build under contract.


A decade in experience in underground work - directional and downhole drilling - we are able to lay power, water, phone or any other services you need with zero surface disturbance and minimal environmental and site impact.

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